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"La Batalla For Resurgence" CD

Image of "La Batalla For Resurgence" CD


The very first full length album released on 5th Power Entertainment by yours truly. Fphaty Garcia. This Conscious Hip-Hop/Experimental record has been dubbed a classic by my musical peers. Consisting of top underground production quality to enhance the eargasmic experience. Covering topics of optimism, perseverance, self ownership, self confidence & philosophy. Far from the commercial experience that leaves a true mc to believe that such boasting is a mask for their own insecurities.

I bare it all on this one. The cover art makes a perfect example of it. With nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. Shedding skin for a new start. I had fallen. I had slept...and had been asleep for too long. This is the time. The time to share my testament. This is...La Batalla(The battle) For Resurgence!

Features guest appearances by:
Juztin Sane (Bloodtooth)
Dieabolik The Monster
Jacob Le Doux  (Crimson Orchid)
& Majik Duce

15 Tracks